Mission Unstoppable with host Miranda Cosgrove takes viewers through the world of STEM where women are making history. Watch the following clips to see a few of the empowering and inspiring stories of diverse role models across the US and how they are paving the future.

Mission Unstoppable airs on Saturday mornings in the US. Make sure to tune in on November 6 for a very special episode about Lenovo and finding a career in esports and gaming.


Using Data to Get Medicine to People Faster

Afua Bruce is a computer engineer who uses scientific data to help deliver medicines to people more quickly.


White Sharks: What Can We Learn From Their Diet?

Marine biologist Yamilla Samara studies juvenile white sharks and how their diets may play a role in which beaches they're attracted to!


Is Lava Rock the Key to Building the First Mars Base?

Geologist Kyla Edison explains that laval rocks on the island of Hawaii could be the key to making the first moon or mars base.