Claudia Contreras is the Executive Director of Global Sustainability Services at Lenovo. She discusses Lenovo’s work building a sustainable future in tech and how customers can reduce their carbon footprints by making informed choices in an interview with Nandagopal Rajan of The Indian Express.   

What does CO2 offset mean? How is a large, global tech company like Lenovo prioritizing sustainability? Watch the episode below for a great conversation with Claudia and Nandagopal.  

Share your ideas on how you reduce your carbon footprint in the comments.  

Learn more about Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Services 

  • Think that everyone can reduce their carbon footprint by 10 to as high as 30% without changing their lifestyle.   Unless everyone does what they can, we'll never reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

  • Break things down into parts that can be recycled, compost, grow some veggies and fruits!

  • I try to combine multiple errands into a single trip, this way, I conserve fuel  and save time overall.

  • Good to see Lenovo taking a stand on sustainability! The real change will happen at cultural and larger levels than just individuals recycling a bit more.

  • Everyone should try to reduce, recycle or re-use as much as possible.