In this episode of our Women Blaze Trails series, join host, Jesse Hildebrand, as he dives in (pun intended) to a conversation about the exciting world of deep-sea exploration with Sheena Talmaa marine biologist with a postgraduate degree in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science. 

Sheena currently works as the science program manager with the Nekton FoundationUK-based charity focused on equitable science research between 0-300 meters with an aim to accelerate scientific exploration and protection of the ocean.  During her career, Sheena has also worked for the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change in Seychelles contributing towards environmental sustainability. 

In this video, Sheena discusses her experiences in the Seychelle Islands where she currently is undergoing a deep-sea exploration studythe amazing work she gets to do as an undersea explorer, and the unique and beautiful biodiversity she has encountered in this picture-perfect region of the world. 

Sheena provides information on what it’s like to be part of a long-term deep-sea expedition, including a detailed breakdown of activities from planning to field operations to analysis and presentation of results.  Sheena then takes time to talk about the members of her expedition teams, their roles, and how everyone works together to complete the study.   

Of course, Sheena shares plenty of real dive footage! 

If you’ve ever considered deep-sea exploration as a career – or even if you haven’t but love the idea of deep-sea exploration – Sheena’s wealth of experience and knowledge are sure to make this a conversation that you’ll find both fun and informative!  

To connect with Sheena on social media and learn more about her explorations, follow her at the links below: