An avid weather nerd since toddlerhood, Chelsea grew up Oklahoma then relocated to Texas where she began her storm chasing career in 2011.  Since then, Chelsea has witnessed 27(!) tornadoes and counting. 

Storms witnessed first-hand by Chelsea range from 5-second EF0s to 90-minute EF4s in states including Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. 

Chelsea is also a skilled public speaker and has shared her storm chasing experiences on numerous television shows, while also publishing articles throughout the Southwestern United States. 

In this video, Chelsea explains her career journey, discusses the details of her job as a storm chaser and how she and her team go about tracking and locating storms, provides helpful tips for staying safe during severe weather (specifically tornadoes), and even talks a little about how storm chasers work with meteorologists and weather services to confirm the storms they are seeing on radars so that the public is warned properly. 

Whether you know a lot or a little about severe weather, Chelsea’s amazing experiences make this one interview/presentation that will absolutely blow you away!