Remember when we posted about Work for Humankind, the select group of volunteers who traveled to Robinson Crusoe Island and turned it into one of the most remote offices on the planet?

Work for Humankind just published a documentary on the project and a website where you can learn about the volunteers, the work they’re doing, their partnerships with Island Conservation and the local community and the tech they’re using to make it all happen.

From the documentary:

Work For Humankind challenges you to work from anywhere, while supporting the local community in your free time.

We believe it’s up to us to look after the people and places around us.  It’s not just about ‘leaving no trace’ but helping our local communities improve their livelihoods and the environment.

Watch this 8-minute documentary and visit for more information.

 What is Work for Humankind?

Work for Humankind is a bold initiative from Lenovo which called on volunteers from around the world to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to experience first-hand how to make a long-lasting difference to a remote island community while working from one of the most remote offices in the world - enabled by tech. Volunteers were able to do their day job from the world’s remotest island, whilst helping to save the endangered wildlife and empower the community. Their mission? In partnership with Island Conservation and the Robinson Crusoe Island community, prevent the extinction of endangered species and establish support for the community as it works toward achieving sustainability.

Questions for you

What are some ways you support your local community?

If you could work from anywhere, where would you go?

Share your responses in the comments!

  • Endangered wildlife is a serious concern.

  • I could see working from the South Island of New Zealand.    Need as a community/civilization to continue to reduce energy usage and population growth to something negative.   If you look at the human population growth over the last 100 years, you can see how it has exploded.  Sadly our "need" to expand our population is responsible for: the destruction of forest, farmland, and green space, And for the air and water pollution that is destroying the environment.  Fossil fuels may cause CO2, but we burn so many because we're not energy efficient, And because every year there are more of us in the world using energy.   Along with directly reducing CO2 emissions by use of cleaner energy including Nuclear Reactors; we probably need to reduce world population to best meet CO2 Reduction goals.

  • This is pretty cool! I wish I could work on a remote island lol.

  • I wish people would work for humankind.

  • I support my local community by donating to the food pantry.  If I could work from anyplace, I would love to work from Ireland.