May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity, celebrate with a virtual extravaganza featuring scientists, explorers and conservationists from across the globe!

The Global Biodiversity Festival is a virtual weekend for the general public, with a simple goal of shining a spotlight on biodiversity loss. This is a truly global event that will bounce us around the globe as we celebrate the weird and the wonderful, highlight the challenges life faces and some good news

conservation stories. From the 20th – 22nd of May, we'll share the diverse stories and challenges of scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers and policy makers on the frontlines of the race to save the incredible variety of life on our planet...and ourselves.

Last year was our second year of the Global Biodiversity Festival. We broadcast live for 80 hours with over 160 speakers joining us from all 7 continents and 60+ countries.

The Global Biodiversity Festival is free to join but registration is necessary to access the talks and live events. Register here.

Want a sneak peek? Watch our coverage of last year’s event here.

  • Preserving nature is a lovely idea. The concept that mankind is responsible for the safeguarding of the entire planet is bordering on silliness. The vast, vast majority of things that happen on and to the earth are beyond human control. That reality must be acknowledged.