US EDU Giveaway - February '24

Edit: Congrats to this month's winner,  

Make sure to enter our new March 2024 giveaway as well.

Enter to win a Storm Grey Yoga 9i!

We're going BIG this February with a top of the line 9i series Yoga giveaway!

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How would you put this flexible device to use if you're the lucky winner?  Let us know in the comments below!

Use the widget above to enter the giveaway.
Contest open to US LenovoEDU members only.


  • Cool.

  • Congratulations Julie. Enjoy your new laptop.

  • Uhhh... The notice plainly says "Contest open exclusive to Lenovo EDU members until March 8th, US residents only." I am a resident of these here United States and it is March 5th, yet it says the contest has ended. What gives?

  • Honestly I would just love it for making quick work of my upcoming projects.

  • Less than 4 hours remain to enter for this  remarkable computer. I'm entering now to increase my odds on this baby!

  • The last day for the draw! Good Luck Everyone!!!

  • Nice!

  • Nice!

  • We are down to the hours now, 36!

  • Awesome,as always Lenovo! Thank you! This would be really great.