US EDU Laptop Giveaway - February '23

Enter to win a Shadow Black Yoga 9i Laptop!

Since we have Valentine's Day this month:
If you won this laptop, would you gift it to someone, or treat yourself?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Contest open to US LenovoEDU members only.


  • If I won this laptop, I would give it to my husband who is going to back to school !!! 

  • I would give it to my wife. She won third grade ESL teacher of the year at her school. Her current laptop is 8 years old. She deserves it.

  • I’d most likely gift it to one of my kids 

  • Great looking ! I would give jt to someone !

  • Pick me

  • Grateful for a need shot. Wonderful looking machine. 

  • I have allowed my entire family to use my current laptop for all three need until they could get their own laptops.  Now mine does not fully function so most of my tasks have to be done on my phone which I do not enjoy doing.  For these reasons,  this laptop would be s gift to myself for a change. 

  • Great, Thanks.

  • Thanks

  • Awesome laptop