Over the last twenty years, the use of edtech in the classroom has steadily increased with the Covid-19 pandemic further accelerating digital transformation in schools around the world.

Today, there is a broad consensus that schools need a proactive, holistic digital transformation strategy to create efficiencies, facilitate new learning opportunities, maintain the safety of students and data, and provide cost savings. However, undertaking a full transformation can be daunting, so we built this ebook to help school administrators and IT staff get started.

Download our ebook for tips on how to build and lead your school’s digital transformation strategy.

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  • Free, accessible tools to download is a wonderful outreach, and training endeavor.

  • The one line that stuck me a bit odd was about "...undertaking a full transformation can be daunting".  Isn't that what the "education" system should have been working towards all along?

  • The effort & costs can be overwhelming, especially in schools & districts struggling. 

  • Thanks for the book. Appreciate it. 

  • I downloaded a copy, thanks!