From inspiring everyday learning to introducing new concepts about the world, educators have the ability to make lasting childhood memories.

We asked our LenovoEDU community members to give a special shout-out to some of their favorite educators in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6).

How are you thanking an educator this week?

  • Thank you for all of our teachers for what they do! The most important job for our future, the children of the next generation!

  • I don't understand. We "ooo" and "awe" at doctors, lawyers and PhD. Astro physicists because they are experts in that field... because they completed all that schooling.  ... But what about the ones that TAUGHT all of THEM; and many of them on top of that! We don't praise teachers enough even though we praise what they produce, makes no sense. If we treated teachers like pro NFL players, then they'd get respect they deserve, and knowledge would be the highest honor in this country. But alas, it's the opposite... or maybe worse than that. Sad and mad!

  • A great teacher can really make a difference in how well students learn.   We need more great teachers.

  • Those who pass on knowledge to others are the curators of civilization.

  • Our teachers deserve our support.