Teacher Appreciation Week is a national holiday celebrated in United States of America which takes place in the first full week of May. We’re celebrating this week by celebrating educators everywhere for their tremendous impact on our lives.

From inspiring everyday learning to introducing new concepts about the world, educators can make lasting childhood memories.

We asked our Lenovo EDU community members to give a special shout-out to some of their favorite educators in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week. Watch the video above to see what they had to say!


  • The hole universe is a math problem, an infinity what you can learn from It.

  • Thank you for teaching.

  • Unfortunately, in general, teaching is one of the most underpaid careers in the USA.


  • I had a teacher that inspire me to do better, I sow the teacher wend I was older, but the teacher didn't even remember me. I see the important of teachers they deserve a better pay.

  • Family wwbb

  • Happy teachers appreciation week!

  • I really enjoyed this! Teaching is a very hard job . Many people do not understand but most teachers and educators in this profession today are in it because their heart lead them to be. It's sure not the pay. Lol! Money mouth I want to thank all the fellow teachers in the world today I too understand! #teachersrock 

  • they dont get enough recognition

  • It takes so much dedication to be teacher! They are overworked and underpaid and show so much love to their students.  They really make an impact in our lives and I am very grateful for all of the wonderful teachers I had and also those that my son had. Kudos to all the teachers who hopefully will be enjoying a wonderful summer to refresh and recharge!