October 5 is World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers Day. To all the teachers and educators out there who make a positive impact in our lives every day, inside the classroom and beyond, thank you for all you do!

We asked a few of our members to tell us how a teacher or classmate has impacted their education experience in a positive way. Here are their answers. Share your response in the comments.


Ramsey K.:

The teachers that were active, interactive, enthusiastic, kind, funny, and great speakers were the ones whose information stuck with me all these years after finishing school.

Narender G.:

A best classmate of mine inspired me to work on technical certification and we both did it altogether. I am in my current job because of that so I am very thankful to him.

Luis M.:

When I came to the U.S. as a teenager. I was having a hard time adjusting to the culture. That's when my English teacher said to me: “If you can't change the wind, change the sails."

Heather W.:

A high school counselor helped me see that I'm not defined by past experiences, and I am worthy of happiness.

Jeanne G.:

40 years ago, an art teacher gave me feedback that made me feel valued for the first time in memory. I still cherish that interaction

Jessie D.:

P.B. Middleton at Ferris State University opened my eyes to written works, cultures, and points of view that I may have never otherwise experienced, and in doing so changed the course of my life.

Brian B.:

I had a teacher in high school that had just started teaching computers.  (He was a math teacher.) He wasn't afraid to say, "I don't know"" and then research the question and get back to us.  That was an amazing lesson to show that you don't always need to know everything!

Sarai C.:

I had an English Teacher in high school who didn't only care about my grades\, but my wellbeing too. She told me to stop by after hours for help with my Math homework. She was an English teacher\, I'll never forget her kindness.

Andrea H.:

I work in a school that teaches deaf and hard of hearing children to listen and use spoken language skills. They are typically aided by hearing aids or cochlear implants. It's been amazing to see their progress at the Prek and K levels

Daniel K.:

The teacher I hold closer to my heart is the one that allowed me to take in his lessons in my own way, having the space to be myself, where the teachings were not obstacles in my own growing.


Thank you educators!

We made the following video for Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrated in the United States of America in May of this year.

  • I will always be grateful for my 1st grade teacher. She really challenged us students, and made me love school.

  • In 10th grade, my English teacher, Mr. Voltz had us read classical English literature including works by Lord Alfred Tennyson.  It made me really appreciate such works.

  • My chemistry teacher gave me confidence to succeed. 

  • I haven't heard of International Teacher's Day before.  It is a day that I think more people in the US should be made aware of.  I know many excellent educators who see that their students thrive.

  • I had a teacher take interest in my writing and it made me work harder to learn to write better