US EDU Giveaway - January '24

Edit: CONGRATS to this month's winner,    

Enter to win a Lenovo Yoga 6!

Kick off the new year with a chance to win a new Yoga laptop in 2024 from the Lenovo EDU Community!

What new years resolutions would you pursue with this device?

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  • cool.

  • Congrats ! Well-deserved for sure.

  • Nice!

    That model is USB 3.x Gen 1 — which means 5 Gbps (nominal) total bandwidth.  The PS8 is USB 3.x Gen 2 — or 10 Gbps (nominal) total bandwidth.  And the product description claims ≈500 MiB/s read/write speeds.

    Makes sense.

    USB specifications actually get more complicated than that.  Gen 1×2 is also 10 Gbps, but only on USB-C.  And Gen 2×2 is 20 Gbps, also only on USB-C.

    The Gen 1 protocol uses 20% of its bandwidth for communication — as opposed to only 3%, for Gen 2.  That is, Gen 1 has only 80% of bandwidth available for user-data.  While Gen 2 has 97% available.

    I remember some YT videos which cover the reality of USB data-rates.  As well as the ridiculous naming (and renaming) system; e.g. USB 3.2 Gen 1 is (virtually) identical to (original) USB 3.0.

    ThioJoe covers it pretty well.  But, I remember catching some errors in what he presents.  I just don't remember exactly what they were.  I watched it when it was new, 3 months ago.

    I mention it, because... among his claims (or reports)... Gen 1×1 has an effective bandwidth of only 450 MB/s.

    Please test your PS6,  .  If you get 500–550 MB/s, then we may have proof that ThioJoe (or his source) is incorrect. :-)

    Or that the PS6 is actually Gen 1×2?  And the limitation may be in the NAND-flash memory? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I am curious.  Please share your findings.  M0rn1n6St4r out! lol

  • Kudos Geoffrey!

  • I just bought the PS6! 1 TB LOL!

  • Congratulations,  !

    Welcome to the multiverse of Lenovo's Community-giveaway winners! :-)

    btw- If you are looking for something to pair with your new Yoga 6, you may want to check out Lenovo PS8 Portable Solid State Drive 1TB — currently on sale for $69.99.  I bought one in December.  It's been a lifesaver.  It really reads and writes at ≈1 GiB/s¹!  It's cut the time required for my (uncompressed) files backup, to ⅒th what it had been with my thumb-drive.  It's so great!

    ¹ Using ExFAT partition(s).  I'm using a current Linux distribution and kernel.  I still need to test the drive with Windows 11.  But, using Linux, I only get 400–500 MiB/s — when I write to an NTFS partition.  I may not have the latest kernel-module for NTFS.  I plan to write a full review, after I've tested it on Windows 11.  But, there's no problem writing at ≈1 GiB/s, with Linux, to the ExFAT partition.  The drive came pre-formatted as a 1 TB ExFAT partition.  But, I replaced that partition with 3 partitions — only one of which is ExFAT.

  • Who won?

  • Hey,  !

    The EDU Community's forums appear to be quite broken, right now.  Not only can I not reply to any topic, topics are barely loading.  Please see embedded image (if embedding images still works): Second language for kids has 19 replies (selected text in image), but I see only one of those replies — from Eduardo L (attempted mention caused an issue — couldn't submit reply).

    Screenshot — Second language for kids

    It's become next to impossible to be a "novelist" on the EDU Community, since... Groundhog Day?  Have I been Punxsutawney Phil'd?  Destined to repeat the same typing over and over... until I learn my lesson? :-)

  • Last entry for the Yoga 6, keeping my toes crossed!!!

  • I really like the form factor of this laptop. Lenovo always has a great looking hardware.

    Side note: I hope that Threads is integrated with these contests at some point for people that don't use X/Twitter.