US EDU Giveaway - January '24

Edit: CONGRATS to this month's winner,    

Enter to win a Lenovo Yoga 6!

Kick off the new year with a chance to win a new Yoga laptop in 2024 from the Lenovo EDU Community!

What new years resolutions would you pursue with this device?

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Contest open to US LenovoEDU members only.

  • Who won?

  • Hey,  !

    The EDU Community's forums appear to be quite broken, right now.  Not only can I not reply to any topic, topics are barely loading.  Please see embedded image (if embedding images still works): Second language for kids has 19 replies (selected text in image), but I see only one of those replies — from Eduardo L (attempted mention caused an issue — couldn't submit reply).

    Screenshot — Second language for kids

    It's become next to impossible to be a "novelist" on the EDU Community, since... Groundhog Day?  Have I been Punxsutawney Phil'd?  Destined to repeat the same typing over and over... until I learn my lesson? :-)

  • Last entry for the Yoga 6, keeping my toes crossed!!!

  • I really like the form factor of this laptop. Lenovo always has a great looking hardware.

    Side note: I hope that Threads is integrated with these contests at some point for people that don't use X/Twitter.

  • Thank you for offering such an amazing machine.