US EDU Laptop Giveaway - January '22

Enter to win a Lenovo YOGA 9i laptop!

How would a new YOGA laptop help you achieve your 2022 New Year's Resolutions?
Let us know in the comments below!

Contest open to US LenovoEDU members only.

  • Hey there everyone, love the energy in this Education forum. I am a returning College student attending ASU-Online! I am pumped to be back in school after 15 years. There is so much support for online students now, it is empowering. Being on a budget due to taking a dramatic reduction in earnings after being laid off during COV-19 I am still using my old i5 Lenovo that I purchased almost 10 years ago!

  • A new lenovo yoga laptop would be crucial in my educational goals going forward. Currently I am majoring in Human Resource Management at Wichita State so a sleek professional looking laptop would go a long way in helping my endeavors.

  • A lightweight and superior alternative to my phone for when I need things to be portable while working.

  • Having a notebook such as this would be a great mobility increase to take to classes.

  • We are a Lenovo Shop with Lenovo desktops, chromebooks and laptops. A new Lenovo laptop would be great for running OBS and streaming our current board meetings.