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We're featuring the latest offering from the Yoga series this month in our US Lenovo EDU Community giveaway!

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  • Already 90 here today, going to be a hot one, hope my entry is just bas hot!

  • Planter's full moon tonight, but it's cloudy and I didn't get to see it rising :/
    So I'll just sit here and dream about the adventures I could have with a laptop like this!

  • happy Friday, love this laptop!

  • Entering from a mobile location this morning, getting new brakess for my farm truck. I bet this laptop would be easy and lightweight to use.

  • Summer solstice, plus a nearly full moon!
    It's beautiful outside now, and cooling down - now would be the time to go sit on the deck with a snazzy new laptop Slight smile

  • Summer travel laptop.

  • First day of summer!  ENJOY!!!

  • Its 96 Degrees here today!

  • Working inside a few hours this morning, getting ready to mow the grass now that it is drying off after a heavy dew! 

  • My entries are adding up, but so slowly!
    I want to click that button every hour Smile