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  • The video made me notice something for the first time. When a laptops flip open, do the keyboard and trackpad lock? Or are people typing "jdffggggggggg" while drawing or tabletting?


    On Windows, it goes into tablet-mode — most of the desktop becomes much more "touch-friendly".  On Linux, I think it just disables the keyboard and touchpad.  Yes... it does.

    That's why I keep a little OnBoard launcher in my top-panel — to open the on-screen keyboard

    OnBoard launcher

    I just went down to the kitchen and tested it.  Then I realized, "Wow... I haven't used my 2-in-1 as a tablet in years."  Not since the lock-downs began, in 2020.

    I actually used that feature often, for the 1st 8 months.  But, I became accustomed to always having a table or counter-top available.  And I just stopped using it as a tablet.

    I'm amazed how solid the hinge remains.  When I bought that IdeaPad Flex, in 2019, I thought, "It's solid now.  But, surely it will become a problem in a few years."  Nope.

    I'd say it's as solid today as it ever was.  But, that's not physically possible.  Instead, "It's degradation is imperceptible — but, not unmeasurable."

    Just watch... now that I've made that claim, it will just fall apart on me. lol

  • Wear and tear are obviously inevitable. Good to know it's also minimal, negligible. Do you use it everyday? 's Main machine?

  • Wear and tear are obviously inevitable. Good to know it's also minimal, negligible. Do you use it everyday? 's Main machine?


    Up 4d 4h — 7% remainingOn a nearly 5-year-old internal battery (click image to enlarge; 606×207 original):

    I was mistaken about the remaining percentage, though — 7% (not 3%).


    Yes, I use it every day¹.  It's my main productivity machine.

    But, I no longer use it for many of the file-management tasks for my network-storage.  Nor do I run heavy-compute (or graphics-intensive) tasks from the IdeaPad Flex.  Those tasks drain its battery faster than on my 2nd (Legion) laptop.

    Basically... the 2-in-1 has become my kitchen laptop.  And I spend a lot of my time working out of my kitchen.

    Even when I work upstairs, my dog likes to stay in the kitchen — to stakeout the fridge.  Or she's in the backyard.  Either way, I can keep her company or keep an eye on her from the kitchen.

    ¹ Not long ago, I had a crunch-project.  I wasn't really using either of my personal laptops.  But, I used the 2nd laptop enough to get the low-battery warning.  It had been running on battery for over 2 days — mostly suspended.

    I put it on the charger.

    Next, I thought, "Oh... right.  What about the IdeaPad?  That's been sitting in the kitchen for at least as long."  I go down and check on it — up for over 4 days!  Suspended the whole time.  (I think I have a screenshot.  But, not on this machine — i'm upstairs, now.  I may add it later.  I'll let you know.)

    Each laptop consumes 1%-battery/hour while suspended.  So... 4 days == 96 hours — and the battery had 3% remaining.

    If I hadn't checked, the internal NVMe was about to experience another "unsafe shutdown".  And I already have more of those than I'd like (S.M.A.R.T. excerpt below). smh

    Unsafe Shutdowns:                   119