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  • Suck lovely stories here in this thread. A very good read.

  • Ms. Blattel is an inspiration.  She taught me that everything, even what we think of as garbage like plastic grocery bags can be an artistic inspiration by using a loom and weaving the grocery bags into hand bags. When one of her students asked if he could glaze the fired clay monster he made the same color as his bowling ball, instead of saying, 'No.', she said "I don't know...let me think about it...',.  Ms. Blattel spent months experimenting with glazes, inventing a new way to glaze stoneware and ceramics so he could glaze his monster, and is now teaching the technique to other students AND Mayco (the glaze company) had her record a video so her technique could inspire artists , beginning and advanced!  She creates art projects for profoundly disabled children and adults, and during the pandemic, she created art projects for students to help them deal with pandemic trauma.  Ms. Blattel does things like dressing Like Bob Ross to make students laugh and encourage her students creativity. Ms. Blattel's creativity, kindness, genuine interest in her students, her joy and love of teaching art to her students makes a positive difference in their lives and mine.

  • I am so grateful to my Math teacher to solve difficult mathematic problems

  • My son loved his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs.Poleshner.  Even after he was in the next grade levels she still talked to him in the hallways and even sent him mail over the summer.  She was so kind and for him to miss her to this day is very special.  He's in 7th grade now and we moved to the next town over so haven't seen her recently. Thank you.

  • I'd like to nominate Mrs. Czajka, kids are her life.  She treats her students as individuals and gives their parents a voice in all phases of their education.  She works tirelessly with one eye always on the future to insure her charges have the best education possible.  I can vouch for this personally, as she is my Mom and has done all this and more to insure the future for my brother and I!  If this doesn't convince you, it's ok, for us she is GOAT!!

  • Thank you to my clinical instructor last semester, H. Closs.
    She gave me so much instructive criticism that has helped me in my clinical placement in hospital this current semester. She believed in me, pushed me to do my best, and was there if I ever needed advice or guidance.

  • In the beginning of 6th grade my father passed away .  I went on a downward spiral. Made straight F's that quarter. Mrs. Corothers my math teacher made it her goal not to let me continue to go down, so she tutored me everyday,  not just about school work but also about life. She accomplished her mission.  For the rest of the school year I made A's and B's. She also pulled me up, and she became my role model.  She is no longer with us, but I want to thank her and all the teachers like her. God bless you all. 

  • Middle School can be hard for the average child, let alone a child with the odds of educational success stacked against him. My son is dyslexic and has several chronic health conditions (post brain decompression Chiari Malformation, pediatric heart disease & amplified pain syndrome). Ms.Faustini has been the answer to not only surviving but starting to thrive in Middle School for our son. Ms.Faustini, has gone above and beyond, to not only show him the love of reading and writing(which can be overwhelming & difficult for a child with dyslexia), but to be a teacher, motivator, inspiration, and a friend. She doesn’t just teach, but cares about her students and their individual successes. Her class is inclusive to every student, regardless of a child's individuality, strengths and weaknesses. She helps them to all feel important, included, and a part of a group. My son, a student in Special Education, started the year in a difficult situation. He was the subject of bullying and didn’t want to go to school due to overwhelming anxiety. Ms.Faustini helped him feel safe and included in her class. Now, several months later, he is eager to attend school, see his friends, and most importantly to learn. He looks forward to his day at his Middle School, regardless of the pain he experiences on a day to day basis, due to his health. In addition, Ms.Faustini communicates with the parents electronically on a regular basis. I never have to wonder how my son is doing, if there is something he doesn’t understand or whether or not he has homework. When he watches himself succeed, pure joy emanates from his entire being, and I thank Ms.Faustini for a being a part of this educational and emotional journey of my child’s life.

  • I would like to recognize Nichole she teaches specially challenged kids which requires EGR for sure. She is a gem and goes the extra mile with these kids and just wanted her to know we appreciate all she does for the children that others may not put the attention that is needed for these kids to succeed and thrive.