US EDU Giveaway - May '24

Enter to win a Lenovo Yoga 7!

We're featuring the latest offering from the Yoga series this month in our US Lenovo EDU Community giveaway!

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Would you use this AI-enabled laptop for any AI related tools or software? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Contest open to US Lenovo EDU members only.


  • Happy Sunday And memorial day weekend!

  • LOL @ chris h.
    Oh yes, I keep trying, I'm obstinate like that! Smiley

  • Whoohooo

  • Remember the REAL reason we're observing Memorial Day this weekend.  Remember the men and women who GAVE THEIR LIVES for us and for our nation.  We owe them a great debt. And remembering that and THEM, happy Memorial Day.

  • Awesome opportunity!

  • another chance! keep going!

  • Tried to reply about the errors, but the errors errored my comment about errors until it errored itself flagged. I don't try to understand it. Just keep trying. Most people give up by now. You can stay in this and maybe win.

  • Looks like we're in the single day digits now in this contest!

  • I'm still getting "An error occurred. please contact the administrator"
    Am I doing something wrong here? :S

  • I'm running into all kinds of weird errors when trying to access this site O.o
    Just now the page wouldn't refresh, and displayed a "License Error"?