US EDU Laptop Giveaway - November '21

Enter to win a Lenovo YOGA 9i laptop to empower your educational & career goals!

What personal goals, projects, or work do you have that a YOGA laptop could help power?

Let us know in the comments below!

Contest open to US LenovoEDU members only.

  • I need something flexible (is that a pun?) for class and also for working on projects and in groups. I'm looking at a lot more lab work next year and this would be perfect for hackathons.

  • Working on completing a CS degree and working on starting a master's as well. I'm a member of some teams for open source mods for games.

  • I will grab my Yoga and my day planner and decided to visit my old friend...the library!BooksGrinBooks

    For so many, the library has been a place of comfort and focus...

    i can read...write...plan...explore...all while enjoying the quiet Yoga 9i

  • I always loved my IdeaPad Flex 14, such a useful laptop that got me through two years of college. Now I'm back to finish what I started and get my bachelor's degree. Good luck, everyone!

  • I’m currently a graduate assistant researcher at Georgia Southern. A yoga laptop would help me keep all my research organized and facilitate all meetings. This would be a great help!