Meet the team behind our new Community MyLenovo Rewards launch!

Sit down with Beth, Noa, Mackenzie, and myself in this special roundtable to learn about our new Community MyLenovo Rewards program.
Starting February 15th, activities on Lenovo Communities will grant you free MyLenovo Rewards to use for purchases on

 and  the MyLenovo Rewards program for Lenovo North America.
Beth is our US Community Manager for the LenovoPRO Community, and I manage the US Legion Gaming and LenovoEDU Communities.

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  • Thanks! Great program!

  • Soon to be my favorite tech company 

  • You all look like you did an amazing job on this

  • Thanks for the rewards program.  Sounds great!

  • Thanks for the reward program!!

  • Thanks for the rewards program. I hope to  make the  most of it. 

  • Happy to help with any questions you might have! Here's a good resource to learn more about MyLenovo Rewards:

  • Thanks for launching the new rewards!

  • Thanks for the rewards program. Not sure about others, but I sure could use tips & guidance along the way. 

  • So nice to be able to put faces to all the names!