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Tell us your inspiring story, win support for your education goals  

The LenovoEDU Scholarship is a new initiative to support students with a cash assistance award toward their educational expenses. Tell us your inspiring story, in a video, photo, and/or written essay, of how the scholarship, if awarded, will help you achieve your education goals. Applications will be judged on creativity and quality of presentation. 

 The scholarship is open to rising high school seniors, 2-year, 4-year, and graduate college students, and vocational/trade school students.  

Award amount is $1,500 USD 


How to Apply

  • Submit an essay, video, or photo response in the comments below for the question: "How would this scholarship help you achieve your education goals?"
  • Below your response, include a link to at least one relevant social media post that you shared to promote your entry (you may edit comments after posting).


Scholarship Criteria:  

  • Applicants will be asked to submit their inspiring and aspirational story of how (if awarded) the scholarship money will help them achieve their educational goals. Submission content required will be video, photo, and/or written essay.   
  • Applicants will be required to become a registered member of LenovoEDU community to participate.   
  • Applicants will also be asked to self-promote their submission on their social media sites and that activity will be awarded with favorable consideration in judging their submission.   
  • Applicants may be asked to provide proof that they are a student to LenovoEDU Community Managers .(e.g. copy of student ID, registration, etc.)   


Judging and Award Selections  

  • Judging will take place via a defined rubric which will quantify how to evaluate submissions along the dimensions of: quality of inspirational storytelling, creativity in presentation, demonstration of need, level of effort made in crafting their submission, and engagement activity to self-promote their submission.   
  • Scholarship award winners will be contacted directly and payment will be made directly by Community Managers from each country.   
  • Award winners will be announced publicly on LenovoEDU website as the location for official announcements and will be promoted in marketing channels including LenovoEDU,, and owned and operated email and social channels.  


Lenovo Privacy Policy 

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  • Numerous understudies move on from college with tremendous understudy loan obligations that they will frequently have the weight of paying for quite a long time to come. It is a result of LenovoEDU Scholarships that understudies such as myself are permitted to zero in on their professions as opposed to contemplating how to reimburse credits on a proceeding with premise. This permits me to go into any field that I'm genuinely energetic about and not just due to the compensation result. By eliminating monetary hindrances, this LenovoEDU Scholarship will make my collegeing and vocation objectives simpler to acquire than at any other time.

    Having a LenovoEDU Scholarship that pays for your collegeing and everyday costs can really lessen your danger of existing and not getting the degree you need. You might even have the option to think about a more specific foundation or major. By lessening monetary concerns, LenovoEDU Scholarships can likewise mean more opportunity for contemplating and realizing, which can prompt better grades and maintenance of information. In this way, increment your opportunities for forging ahead to graduate school.

    Acquiring a renowned or legitimacy-based scholarship can really make me a more alluring position up-and-comer. Businesses who comprehend the serious idea of the LenovoEDU Scholarship will remember it as an achievement. For the most part, a legitimacy-based scholarship exhibits to future bosses that I have outstanding capacity in the scholarly, athletic or creative domain. Serious scholarships are achievements worth posting on my resume and can assist me with standing apart when I look for a task, potentially assisting me with accomplishing the profession I need.

    A LenovoEDU Scholarship can have a major effect on my schooling. The cash from a LenovoEDU Scholarship helps by permitting me to be more particular by the way I invest my free energy. I'll have the option to boost my college insight through assistance learning, volunteer freedoms, and temporary jobs. Rather than working at any lowest pay permitted by law work I can discover to help yourself, I can choose work that is significant and enhances your certification.

    As far as I might be concerned, college is a new beginning where I've had the option to make a move to consider my inclinations and abilities that I've had the option to additionally create. At the point when I previously showed up nearby, I moved immediately. I go to understudy association fairs and consistently consider the numerous choices I have for understudy initiative in my school. The more I got involved nearby, the more I had the option to find new parts of my unique abilities just as abilities that I didn't realize I had beforehand.

    In these past couple of months, I've driven myself to accept positions of authority that were way outside of my usual range of familiarity. I don't think many individuals comprehend that understudy associations are consistently eager for new understudies to get down to business and assist with getting sorted out occasions and gatherings. Since the day I faced the challenge to reach out, I've acquired solid relational abilities, using time productively and the capacity to perform multiple tasks. These new abilities I realize will help me as I enter the expert world after college.

    One of the advantages I've found of the understudy initiative in college is that I get an opportunity to work with others to develop and make new ventures and projects. Working cooperatively with others can be testing, yet collaboration is basic in understudy initiative and throughout everyday life. At the point when I become a pioneer on certain college exercises, I generally gain some new useful knowledge on the most proficient method to work with different characters to get energizing things going nearby.

    Understudy authority in college frequently includes working with college personnel and staff. Every understudy association has a school counselor. As an understudy chief, I've had the chance to foster solid associations with experts who can fill in as a source of perspective or entryways to other authority prospects. I've likewise met graduated class and recruiting authorities since engaging with associations.

    I may not see myself as a pioneer, however, getting involved has assisted me with growing new abilities that I never knew were conceivable. As an understudy association pioneer, I've found out with regards to how to perform hierarchical objective setting, enlist new individuals, and even financial plans for occasions. These center initiative abilities I realize will be adaptable as I enter the work world. I can even utilize my understudy authority encounters in a meeting to show how I can waste no time as another expert. These are only a portion of the things finishing included for me up until now.   Even without tuition assistance and coursework pilled to the brink at the moment. I managed to make a mockup or demo for a  Child Development Learning Game. The idea was inspired by my little 3-year-old brothers learning disability to which my game was found to increase attention span 10 times fold.                           

  • How the LenovoEDU scholarship is going to help me achieve my education goals?

    Marks once said, and I rephrase: humans as spices make choices, but even our choices are bound to our environment or rather to a group of possible alternatives, having that said, a Palestinian doesn’t give you a lot of options, neither you have the same opportunities as everyone else, although it has been eight years since I left high school, it felt more like eighty, and everything that had once been close, it has never felt as far then, than as it feels now. 

    Despite being among the top 5% of all high school graduates in Saudi Arabia for the year 2013, I wasn’t granted any admission to any public university, or high education institute in all the country, neither I could have afforded the private education where the minimum is 12 thousand dollars just for tuition of a single year, the truth is I can only afford tenth of this amount, despite being born, and raised in Saudi Arabia I wasn’t granted neither a citizenship, nor permanent residency, for someone like me my only chance is to have adequate education, if either I wanted to live in that country, or to have life of any dignity and this is the case for every where, with raising taxes, and an ever restraining conditions over foreigns in Saudi Arabia, I was left with only one choice and that is leaving the country for a better opportunity, yet with alternatives etch of which is worse than the other, including Gaza where an embargo is being implemented, and no future is foreseen to who ever lives there, or any Arab country where neither a political nor economical situation is stable, and Palestinians are being looked at as terrorist, and outlaws for no reason, if I ever went to any of these countries, I would have no chance of graduation, neither living, and I will be subjected to deportation, or arrest. Although three years have passed with no destination, it wasn’t until 2016, where I found myself in Turkey, and about to start a new chapter of hustle in my life.  

    When I first arrived in Turkey I came as a student, granted an admission in private school in Istanbul, that I barely could afford, thank god it has finished just this year, where I had to borrow, work and even paying in different currency for higher exchange rate, without giving any consideration to my situation, my school has never offered me easier paying option, neither any sort of any discount, and it wasn’t for the money that I paid in the begging I would have left school simply, because I couldn’t afford it, other than financial difficulties, life in Turkey is way different, and way harder than it is in Saudi, although the financial burden represent almost the worst hardship I ever faced, my struggles didn’t stop at finances, I had to learn the Turkish language on my own because a one level of Turkish language costs about 300 USD, I had to work to support my self while studying despite the money my family was sending me, new expenses would raise from no where, and even with the education I was going to take in Turkey, I would have never going to be granted neither a nationality, nor any right of settlement after graduation or even a real job, where the job I was doing is a student job, and I was working none-officially, my student years in Turkey went very fast in many terms, but yet they were very slow in others, I was always working either for my classes or at work, some times I would crush on the sofa right at my working place, so I would save the time I would take for commuting in the traffic of Istanbul from and back to work, during exam days, I would study and work at the same time, and I would seize every opportunity to hold my books and get a bit prepared. 

    While everyone else was walking I was running, while everyone was having fun now I was trying to have fun later, and while everyone was taking everything on a silver plate, I was taking everything with a long fight and with many bruises, every day that passes put me a bit closer to my goal, every exam I get through had my eyes wider open, and every year that passes confronted me with the reality even more, and that is what am I going to do next after graduation? because I know that just like Saudi doesn’t want me, Turkey is no different and the inevitable is just years around the corner. 

    Everything in my life I own to my self, weather it is my successes, achievements and wins, on the opposite to that all my failures, loses and falls I blame no-one for except for myself, and I believe this have putted me a head of everyone I knew, although it mightn’t look like it, and I might seem way behind everyone else, but the truth is that I have more experience, more realistic vision, and more ideal image of the world than the most, knowing this of my self compels self worth, determination, and a vision, I knew that I had to find something, I knew that I had little, I knew that I was in race with time, and I knew that I had my self, and education to turn the table over and to change the equation for my favor, thus with the ever heading world towards digitization, and computers integrations into life applications including coding, artificial intelligence, big date and all sorts of new technologies, I came to realize that I have to study computer science if I wanted the life I ever wanted, but with my limited resources, and my obligation to the degree I already started that wasn’t possible, until I found the university of the people. 

    Will, the university of people is the first of it’s kind where no tuition fees is required, and the financial burden should be the least of concerns for the students, although it is an obligation of every student who wishes to study at the university of the people to pay 100USD per exam, as little as it might be to someone, for me it is expensive, and completely unaffordable, because I already have a financial commitment to my school in Turkey, life expenses obviously, and the ever decreasing value of Turkish lira to dollar, today it only stands at a tenth of a dollar for one Turkish lira, despite all of this I have applied with application fee waiver that I couldn’t have done so if it wasn’t for it, and upon my request I was granted a worth of 1000 USD refugee scholarship, despite not being renewed over, I have managed to make my way through the university of people, by paying for some semesters and missing on others with leaves of absences when ever I can’t seem to afford the tuition, although I have applied to many scholarships, and I have explained my situations to many charity, and students organizations I was never granted anything. 

    With the LenovoEDU scholarship, I will be able to complete my degree at the university of the people, although the grant of 1500 USD won’t be sufficient to cover the rest of the expenses, because I already finished a total of almost 14 courses, with yet more to come, I have planned to take certified courses from an organization called sailor academy, that is equivalent, transferable and yet at almost third the value of courses of the university of the people, leaving me only few hundred dollars to pay in order to finish my degree in computer science, and once I’m done with an American degree in computer science, and in a time where the demand for computer savvies has never been more, I believe the whole world will be open in front of me, and I will finally going to and the job I deserve, and the country I worth to live in to, and the life I deserve, because we make choices of who we are and what we want to be, but yet only in a sense of reason, and in the frame of the possible.                               

  • Equal opportunity wasn’t something that I grew up with. While everyone at school had the latest Tamagotchi or the newest iPod, I was playing with my old toys and drawing out of my sketchbook from the previous school year, savoring every last drop of empty space on the pages; my crayons and colored pencils reduced to stubs. My clothes often smelled of cigarettes and occasionally the combo of cat urine due to the prices of detergent. Most nights, dinner was ramen. On nights we had a little extra money, it was pizza rolls or frozen white castle, or the very rare Chinese take-out that only came once every 6 months. Life was hard, and dreaming big often felt impossible.

    College was never on my mind until the past year; the past few months to be specific. Money was so scarce as a child, so why do I need to further my education? Why follow my dreams when I could just climb my way up the corporate chain in restaurants? If I don’t have an ounce of time to focus on myself, why should I attempt to reach for the stars? What’s the point?

    My body has continued to deteriorate in the past couple years, largely due to my overworking in the restaurant industry. I went from working 50+ hours a week to working behind a desk. This desk offers me a future, comfortability, and a livable wage without slaving away for a company that doesn’t care about my well-being.

    My body has slowly been deteriorating over the past few years, largely due to the intense work I put into the restaurant industry. I had been working 50+ hours every week to make ends meet, as well as trying to be as good of a manager as I could. Mental illness, accompanied with stress, which happened to be acquainted with chronic illness is what has brought me to pure misery. I went from working for companies that never cared for well-being to a desk. This desk has provided a future, comfortability, a livable wage, and a fairly stress-free life. Financial stress has been an integral part of my life since I started my first job when I was 16.

    I bagged groceries and fetched carts in the snow and blazing heat, all to help provide for my family. Ever since I can remember, I’ve never felt as though I was caught up. Picking and choosing what bills to pay, crying myself to sleep most nights because I couldn’t afford a full meal for dinner-- let alone waking up starving and angry that I could hardly look at myself in the mirror. It was hard to recognize what my life was becoming. I didn’t want to face my own harsh reality. I’ve never had the time or the money to think about myself and only myself. I had to convince myself while I was still young that it was normal. What’s so normal about struggling until the point you can’t remember what you love?

    My passion for art finally resurfaced during the COVID-19 lockdown. Being at home and being able to have a break from the world meant I could imagine. I could finally put my energy towards something that fed my soul, instead of draining it. I bought myself a used drawing tablet, used computer, and a crappy monitor that hardly worked. I started pursuing something that I had locked away from my heart all those years ago. And now, over a year later, I applied to college for a Game Art/Design degree. All because I had the time to reassess what I really wanted out of life.

    Ever since I switched job fields, my life has dramatically changed for the better. I have never felt so at ease, happy, and excited for what my future holds. I’m excited for the good things are slowly coming to my table. I wake up in the morning and no longer feel the heavy weight that was on my shoulders that existed before. I have the chance to go to school, I’m finally able to pay my bills on time, and I’ve been able to actually save money for the first time in years. The only place to go from here is up, and I am thrilled for what the light at the end of the tunnel has in store for me.

    This scholarship wouldn’t just help me achieve my educational goals; it would help me accomplish a dream I never thought I could. As a full-time worker who provides for 8 animals and my partner, who’s also trying to buy a house, money is scarce. While we’re able to live comfortably for the first time in my life, enough for me to think about school at least, buying new and functional equipment isn’t something I’ve really been able to put money away for.

    The money from this scholarship would allow me the chance to start this new path on the right foot. I’ve stumbled through life without ever being able to catch my breath. I’ve rarely been given the chance to succeed, and I truly believe this scholarship will get me so much closer to this love, this dream of mine. I am honored to hopefully be considered, this is an amazing opportunity. 

    Thank you for your time.