Volunteering is an important way to give back and connect with your community. For some students around the world, donating your time and skills is a requirement for graduation; for others it’s an activity they participate in outside of school. Volunteering is something you can do your entire life. If giving back is important to you, make it a priority when you start your career. There’s a growing trend of organizations and companies giving their employees the encouragement and flexibility in their schedules to volunteer.

Employees at Lenovo are encouraged to volunteer 8 hours per quarter through a volunteer benefit, with additional dollars given that they can award to their favorite charity when hours are logged.

Once a year, Lenovo employees organize a volunteer-led month of service called the “Love on Month of Service”. The 2022 global event stretched for 4 weeks from September 15 – October 15

Lenovo employees provide access to education and technology to those who need it most. This year, 73 offices around the world joined in the effort. Nearly 4,000 employee volunteers gave 16,000+ hours to their local community, directly impacting more than 62,000 individuals through service. This is the sixth year in a row and Lenovo employee volunteers have impacted over a quarter million lives around the world.

“Our impact is a credit to our employees. We have project leaders in offices like Glasgow, Bratislava, Paris, Jakarta and Mexico City who have been leading projects at their sites since 2017,” said Calvin Crosslin, Lenovo Foundation President and a Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Lenovo “Our employees continually demonstrate their appetite to give back, and the Love on Month of Service is about empowering these leaders with the resources they need to make an impact.”

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Is volunteering important to you? If yes, what are some of the ways you volunteer your time? Share your response in the comments.

This article originally appeared in StoryHub: https://news.lenovo.com/volunteers-increase-impact-love-on-month-of-service/


  • To me, volunteering is very important.  One way that I volunteer to to help tutor children who need extra academic support.  Such deeds can have a big return when the student gets ready to finish the school year.

  • Is volunteering important to you? If yes, what are some of the ways you volunteer your time? Share your response in the comments.

  • Good for Lenovo and employees.

  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community!

  • Love to see a company's impact in the community.

  • People want to feel fulfilled and empowered in their jobs. Supporting an employee to help something they care about is probably going to do wonders for their job satisfaction.

  • This is a great thing you are doing for your employees and for the community!

  • When I was growing up, it felt like there were a lot more service organizations for volunteering. I wonder if that will be a thing of the past as my generation doesn't like to join organizations. 

  • Volunteering is VERY important. I try to give back as much as possible through church and local affiliations.

  • One of the most difficult things about not-for-profit work is not knowing  the impact one makes.