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Here are top responses from our Tech & Apps discussion groups on the question: What’s one underrated app/product that you’ve discovered recently?



"This might be more for people in college but reference manager apps are great! I use Mendeley. It has a Office plugin that inserts your citations according to the writing style to set it to (APA, MLA, etc.) and, when you're done writing, it inserts your reference list based on the citations you previously added to the document. Saves me a lot of time and mental energy as I don't have to worry about formatting references."



"For those, they like mathematics calculation from elementary to college is the underrated app call "Wolfram Alpha." I enjoyed using this application because it saves me time with complicated calculations. It is precise and provides excellent graphics."


Alex shared:

"As a college student, I get to do a lot of essays; I deem the sites Grammarly and Quillbot essential in crafting great essays (No, this isn't an ad). I use Grammarly to check my grammar and Quillbot to rephrase or summarize some texts."


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  • I just don't think enough people use YouTube as the learning resource that it actually is; One can literally learn how to do almost anything by searching YouTube and watching videos on whatever topic one is interested in learning about. It's an unreal resource for specific learning.