Lenovo is partnering with Wine to Water to offer a chance to travel to the Amazon and participate in their relief efforts there.

If you are interested, and a student with a US Passport, head here to apply now! - Apply to Travel with Wine to Water to The Amazon! | Lenovo EDU Community - Articles US - Newsroom - Lenovo EDU Community 

But who exactly is Wine To Water, and what are they working on? This video gives a great summary on their efforts:

Wine To Water (W|W) is a global clean water organization committed to preserving life and dignity through the power of clean water, helping over 1.4 million people in 51 countries gain access to safe and clean water since 2007.

Witness the challenges faced by those without access to safe water, including health risks and the daily struggle to find water, and the transformative power of providing sustainable water solutions. 

Learn about the efforts to educate communities on water hygiene, the construction of wells, and the installation of water filters that can change lives for years. Through powerful stories, see how clean water access empowers communities, improves health, and opens new opportunities for growth. To learn more, visit winetowater.org


  • What an amazing project for students!!!

  • What an amazing project for students!!!

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