US EDU Giveaway - GOVember '23

Edit: CONGRATS to this month's winner,  

Enter to win a Lenovo Legion Go!

To celebrate the brand new Lenovo Legion Go, we're giving one away during November in the Lenovo EDU US Community as part of "GOvember!"

This brand-new handheld is best known for gaming, but did you know it's a full-fledged windows PC/tablet too? You can use it in touchscreen mode as a tablet with the controllers detached, connect a mouse and keyboard, or even plug in a full external monitor. It runs any Windows app like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or even Photoshop and FL Studio. Great for study hard/play hard students!

How would you use this device? Gaming, school, work, or some combination of all three?

Use the widget above to enter the giveaway.
Contest open to US LenovoEDU members only.

P.S. - Want more chances to win a Go in "GOvember?" Check out these upcoming links:


  • Looking back at this! Ahh congrats.

  • I still hope to get my self one Lenovo Legion Go.

  • good luck all.

  • congrats winner

  • nice

  • Hey Jaya!

    I can help explain: Larry maxed out his daily entries by leaving unique comments on posts near-daily, plus he got the daily bonus entry type. He had the 8th highest number of entries thanks to this. So, his odds to win were increased Slight smile

    No rigging - just commitment on Larry's part, and a well-deserved reward for engaging in our community each day last month!

  • This is either terribly rigged or Larry H is extremely lucky. He has won 2 in space of few months. I'm smelling foul.

  • Congratulations to Larry H, enjoy the Lenovo Legion GO. :-)

  • WOW! Did you win again? I was not sure that's possible. Very good odds on these.

  • Use it for multiple purposes.