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  • An independent study with a good professor is what I am currently doing. It is an excellent way to cap off a college experience and gives you real work to showcase to employers. If you find a project you are passionate about it really shows well.

  • A grant would be great, I'd love to travel somewhere for study.

  • In the real world, being able to get a job to support myself. (As in being able to pay rent, food, not become homeless.)

    In a world where I did not need money, or I had enough means not to have to work for a living, going back to school, and take classes/subjects that I find interesting. Just because I want to know.

  • Def to travel!!!

  • Go back to school for a degree in educational technology 

  • To be able to travel to places that I have never been and to make that place, that I am at a better place for all of my co-workers.

  • I desire great success.

  • I am continuing my second career studies.

    • Being able to travel and experience new techniques and cultures will help whatever you are studying
  • going back to school for a new career and a second chance