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  • My parents bought a mobile for my online class.

  • COVID has shown us that we need to have alternative ways to learn. School is essential (in-person or online), no matter education is important. On the positive side during this rough time, it has shown some of us that online learning does have a positive impact if it is taught in the right-way, online learning can be made enjoyable too and students can learn at their own pace better.

  • Covid and flu and strep! Online for life!

  • Geez.

  • From what I've heard, a lot of students failed the grade they were in. So I believe COVID extremely impacted students learning.

  • If I had to rank them I think it'd be numbers 2, 4, 3, 1.

  • Options A and B both felt like very large factors looking back on the situation. 

  • All could have been an option.

  • All of these things! My child is an above average in reading , English and literature. She is on principals list every six weeks so far but she loves to read . I can't keep her in enough books . I do but she always ask for another book at least once a week and I do my best to keep her in reading materials. She scores much higher in reading , like two years ahead. In other subjects she scores on the higher side but not as high as reading. This is to be expected though just as if one child likes different subjects more than others. As long as students are passing and have the materials they need then we are doing good! I do feel like all these areas mention plays parts in each students ability to learn. 

  • online learning, the material is harder to retain