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  • I'd say funding is the backbone of the entire operation.

  • Strong leadership is where it starts!

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  • Depends on Nature of the business.  With that said, any and every business needs proper management of funding.
    Over spending or no balancing the books will sink anyone and that's not even considering the extra padding for the "hardships".

  • No point in putting out something "New" that other people may already have.  Give a Unique spin on something or create something useful to bring to the market.  Insuring that you will be noticed isnt just about marketing.  Good products market themselves and word of mouth is the best advert out there.

  • Finding a product that meets a niche, and gives you market power.

  • Building a strong, harmonious leadership team is vital for a business to succeed in a bad and good economy.

  • Strong leadership helps thru the thoug times a good leader even if full of doubt doesn't show It an keeps moving forward

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  • I believe that a team is only as good as it's product. It needs to be sustainable and be able to grow at a consistent rate in order to develop that " team".  With that comes , the niche and of course funding and that leads to improvements with the product and scale ability to grow and obtain  consumers who grow to rely on the product. Also ,is your product a want to have it, or  a need to have it ?