Time for another chance to show off your trivia knowledge with LenovoEDU Community’s Interactive Trivia!  This time, we’ll be testing your skill on the topic of Wild Europe!

Join our host, Lindsey Machak, for another fun, interactive trivia session focusing on the wildlife and geography of the European continent.  Answer in real-time and compare scores with friends, family, classmates, and LenovoEDU Community members to find out who is the trivia master!

So, here’s how to play:  Gather your friends, family, co-workers – anyone you think is deserving of a trivia challenge – either in person or virtually to watch the video together.  Keep your score as the video goes on and compare at the end to find out who within your group reigns supreme. 

Remember, point values and difficulty increases as the challenge goes on so don’t get too confident early!

Can’t all watch at the same time?  Share the link to this page and have everyone watch the video on their own time then report their scores afterwards (remind them that they are on the honor system!).

No matter how you do it, make sure to keep track of your scores and watch future LenovoEDU Expert Trivia challenges to determine your circle’s trivia champion!

Plus, take things a step further by logging your scores in the comment section of this post to compete with fellow LenovoEDU members!

Did you miss our last Trivia challenge video?  It’s never too late to play!  Click here to view the LenovoEDU Expert Trivia challenge on Australia.


  • I also love this trivia.

  • true helps

  • I really like these trivia quizzes.I stumbled across them and noticed that they are over 2 years old. (And that there are only 3 of them.) Wish there would be more new ones. Not even necessarily in video format.

  • I love this Trivia

  • Wager Question - twenty-six percent

  • 1) True

    2) The deepest canyon in Europe

    3) white

    4) The Volga River Delta

    5) Poland and Belarus