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  • My 13-year-old has placed high school efficiency reading level since her fourth-grade year, I couldn't be more proud. I was always a reader, but her interests include many genres and authors.

  • Interesting post. Thanks for the poll.

  • Graphic novels have been the best transitional reading material for my 8 year old.

  • Less than 15 minutes

  • Nowadays, any reading you can make a kid do has got to be good

  • Interesting read! 

  • It is important to find something your child is interested in and get them reading about it

    • Reading to children under 5 yo is so important. It helps with their reading skills in life.
  • Depends on which of my children is reading. My older children read more, but all my children enjoy reading.

  • Reading is absolutely the best thing you can teach your child to love. It fosters creativity and fuels the imagination!