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  • My 17-year old used to be a voracious reader, but high school has been kicking her butt. She has such a heavy load, that she just doesn't have any free time to enjoy reading anymore. Not including schoolwork, she probably reads less than 15 minutes per day - it at all.

  • Technology is great but I still prefer a book in my hands. My kids pick a book to read each night and our school district has many programs that focus on reading and literacy.

  • My niece typically comes over to do her classwork at my house due to difficulties at home. She does the bare minimum when she is home because of her long class day.

  • Reading is vital. Students learn more vocabulary during reading. Of course, we have to encourage students to be self-evaluated during reading, what they comprehend and what they do not? The students can use electronic dictionaries and other devices to assist them when they do not understand the vocabulary during reading.