What is Babbel Live?

  • Babbel Live is subscription-based live online classes with top, certified language teachers.
  • Classes are limited to six students to create a comfortable and judgement-free learning environment so you can get plenty of speaking practice.

  • Take as many classes as you want for just one monthly price.

  • In each class you’ll be able to interact with other students at your level and get instant feedback on your grammar and pronunciation from the teacher.

  • Classes are available for all levels and on all days of the week at various times. Simply book your class through the Babbel app or website to start learning.

  • Classes are offered by focus so you can choose the topic that’s best for you. Learn how to have conversations related to travel or work or another topic. The goal is to help you learn the language skills that will be most useful for your life.

  • Classes are currently available in Spanish, French, German and Italian. More languages are coming soon.

  • Your Babbel Live subscription also gives you full access to the Babbel app which offers even more ways to learn. Enjoy app-based lessons, games, podcasts and more.

  • It’s perfect for anyone who wants a classroom experience from the comfort of their own home.

  • It’s great because you can practice actually speaking the language while getting instant feedback from an experienced language teacher.

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