Welcome back to the Sass Squad series! 

This week we share episode 3 - this one's for new and veteran gamers alike. Amy takes us through the different ways gaming can positively impact our wellbeing, and strategies to keep it that way. Let us know your thoughts - is there anything you do to maintain the balance when you're gaming? Comment below!

New to the gaming space? Then this series is for you! Sass School is a 7-part video series hosted by @sassqueenamy (winner of our very first Epprenticeship!), who takes us through Gaming 101. Check back in next Thursday for Ep #4 where we go through the good and maybe not-so-good parts of gaming.

You can find Amy and follow her gaming journey below:


  • very interesting to see that many ways for gaming to benefit well-being 

  • An ergonomic chair can help maintain health while gaming. Also, yoga is beneficial. Taking breaks and doing eye exercises helps prevent eye strain.