Welcome back to the Sass School series!

The fifth episode in the series delves into No entry sign Stranger Danger No entry sign. Amy gives us tips to help validate some of the online identities you may come across and help you feel safer when gaming.

New to the gaming space? Then this series is for you! Sass School is a 7-part video series hosted by @sassqueenamy (winner of our very first Epprenticeship), who takes us through Gaming 101. Next Thursday is the penultimate episode of the series and talks about microtransactions Moneybag. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on Episode 5 below!

You can find Amy and follow her gaming journey below:


  • Stay safe out there! Online communities can be friendly and fun, but need to have more precautions than in real life due to the anonymity and the online personas of others!

  • Stranger danger is all too real in online gaming. Single player gaming is so much safer