Camyl Buena


Unravel the art of mixed reality with Camyl. From using AI to kick off and storyboard an idea, to filming and compositing your scene.  Follow along with this Toronto based VFX mastermind as she breaks down her work flow from start to finish.

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Lesson 01 | How to use AI to Kick Off an Idea
The beginning of every project starts with an idea. For this lesson we’ll explore how to use AI as a tool for brainstorming and storyboarding, helping shape ideas into a pitch deck that sells the idea to clients.
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Lesson 02 | Filming for Mixed Reality
Unravel the art of capturing stunning shots for mixed reality with this beginner-friendly tutorial. Learn filming fundamentals, select the right camera specs, and overcome filming apprehensions. Dive into the intricacies of shooting HDRI's, exploring various methods including apps and 360 cameras, and master the stitching process.
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Lesson 03 | Using Motion Tracker Camera in AE
Unlock the secrets of precise camera tracking for mixed reality projects with this comprehensive tutorial. Discover which shots are ideal for tracking, and learn expert techniques for filming to ensure optimal tracking results. Download Course Materials >
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Lesson 04 | Composite 3D Assets
Learn how to get your file ready to hit that render button. We’ll learn how to import an After Effects camera track into Cinema 4D, how to composite a 3D object into your scene, and how to light your scene properly. Download Course Materials >
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Lesson 05 | Stitch Render in After Effects
In this final step of this mixed reality tutorial, we’ll focus on cleaning up our scene, and put the finishing touches that will really sell the execution. Download Course Materials >


  • sooo cool

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  • Brought home to me how little I actually know about what a PC is capable of!! I can do what I need to do on my laptop, so I guess I'm reasonably competent.  But how great is it that Today's kids are into computers and coding from a very young age. No wonder they all seem like a bit of a genius!


  • such a good set of lessons, very informative. 

  • Appreciating these great VFX lessons from pros in the field!

  • Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see what other upcoming lessons are planned.

  • This is all very new and somewhat confusing to me, so this is a good resource to learn more.

  • Such a good set of lessons. Very insightful and educational