Monica Burns, Ed.D. is a curriculum and educational technology consultant, and founder of Her expertise lies in the intersection of all things education and technology. She helps parents and educators use technology to empower students as creators, design meaningful formative assessment, and reach every learner.

Here’s a roundup of her most popular LenovoEDU articles:

How to Use AR Experiences to Support Student Writers

What does augmented reality have to do with student writers? If you’re hoping to inspire your children as writers this year, an augmented reality experience might do the trick. Engaging augmented reality interactions can help students brainstorm ideas for stories, make connections to the world of today and the past, and even connect to writing in the science classroom.

Why Starting a Podcast Might be Perfect for Sharing Passions

If you listen to podcasts, you already know that this is a powerful medium for learning new things and hearing from experts. Are there topics that you are passionate about? Perhaps you love to grill or bake, or maybe you are a master crafter or woodworker. Sharing your passions with a podcast is an excellent way to let the world know about your ideas and interests.

Ways to Capture Hobbies Using Movie-Making Tools

What are your favorite hobbies? Whether you love reading new books, practicing yoga, or going on hikes in your community, you might have a hobby you can capture using movie-making tools. You can create a movie that chronicles some activities you like to do in your spare time.

Why Every Student Should Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is a wonderful way for students to showcase their accomplishments during the school year. It provides a space to highlight areas of growth and an opportunity to celebrate their success. A portfolio can act as a capstone to a semester, year, or multi-year learning experience, and it is perfect for students of all ages.

  • This contains some pertinent advice.

  • I love podcasts, and I've always wanted to start one myself, but I've never really thought of starting one with my kids. My oldest just reached high-school, I'm sure she'd enjoy the idea of starting a podcast, and if I can get her to research ideas for a show and write scripts, I can secretly get her to be "doing work" without her even noticing lol.

  • Great suggestions, supporting what your kids do always helps.

  • Nice post!

  • Food for thought. I love the ideas.