We recently asked our Lenovo recruitment team (Krista Jaeckel, Erin Jernigan, and Jane Shephard) to share some tips for networking. Their answers are below.

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What are some tips for networking?

Krista Jaekel:

It can be awkward at first to just reach out to someone you don’t know. However the more you do it the easier it gets. Try to find something in common with the person (company, alma mater, hobbies/interests). When in doubt just say you are new to the company or a recent graduate and you would just like to learn a little more.

Erin Jernigan:

Make an intentional effort to meet people by joining a group project or volunteering to help out.

Jane Shephard:

Engage with people on LinkedIn. When people reach out to me on LinkedIn, I try to respond and build new connections.


  • Thank you, great advices! 

  • Yeah, sadly it often is more about who one knows than what one knows.

  • I think networking is crucial.  Try to engage with as many people as possible and ask them to help you get your name out there and share with their friends, colleagues and contacts. Your circle might just be larger than you think.

  • It's always a pain.

  • networking is almost more important than skill nowadays

  • I like this advice but must add the following; YOU only have so much time to "network" so the smart play is to BE NICE AND HELPFUL to everyone, BUT make an extra and concentrated effort to befriend and be of use to key people in your work environment. Your boss, the office manager, tech people who do critical work for YOUR PROJECTS, etc. By being laser focused on the most essential people to your career you will do the very most to improve your path to advancement.

  • its so annoying

  • Networking is always important.  And perhaps most importantly with finding a job.

  • Great tips!  Remember to network with friends, And Their Parents, and Your Extended family(Cousins, Aunts/Uncles, even grandparents!).  If you know people that work in any field that is even remotely related to your field of interest, get to know them, and ask if they can support you in your career search.  

  • Great info!  Networking is the key!!!