Negotiating salary can be an intimidating concept to grasp, but it’s definitely something you want to do throughout your career. We recently asked our Lenovo recruitment team (Krista Jaeckel and Erin Jernigan) to share some tips for negotiating your salary during the interview process. Their answers are below.

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What are some tips for negotiating your salary?

Krista Jaekel:

Know your worth! Have an understanding of the market (specific field, location, experience level). Do your research.

Erin Jernigan:

- Show that you have done market research

- Highlight what differentiates you from other candidates and specific examples on how you have made the business successful (try and tie it to money and/or time saved)


  • I wish that was easy to do. Personally I have a really hard time doing this. It also doesn't help that sometimes people who ask for raises are coincidentally let go some time after.

  • As someone with no confidence, worth, or value to any organization, I would start low to get myself in the door, then perhaps after hopefully doing above average work for too cheap maybe negotiate up? Is that a decent strategy? Everyone is getting 15. I go for 10 or 12. I prove myself to be a benefit to the group somehow and ask for more.

  • Great advice. Not only is salary important but benefits as well. The salary negotiated maybe a little bit lower than you want but the benefit package may be better.

  • Great advice! The final part of the job offer is securing the best deal for yourself! Know your worth!

  • Sounds good, But not easy to do.

  • Thank you! Great information!

  • Some very good advice!

  • Learned some really great tips by reading these posts

  • It seems like grades (GPA) are less important today, than extracurricular activities and soft skills when looking for a job.  Is this true?

  • I think these are all great tips!