We recently asked our Lenovo recruitment team (Krista Jaeckel, Erin Jernigan, and Jane Shephard) to answer a common question from applicants: what do you look for in a candidate? Their answers are below.  

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What do you look for in a candidate?  

Krista Jaekel:  

A well-rounded individual. Someone who has a degree in the required field. I am looking for previous internship/work experience that is relevant to the job they are applying for. Project work is also important. It can be a school/group project or personal project. I also think it’s important that applicants are involved in the community/extracurricular activities. Any type of leadership role is a plus. 

Erin Jernigan:  

A professional resume tailored to the job for which they are applying and professional email correspondence. That the candidate can show that they have done research and come prepared with questions. They need to have the ability to showcase their skills/experience during a phone call and how it relates to the job. And I look for promptness in interview/email communication 

Jane Shephard:  

Someone who carries themselves professionally in speech and demeaner. Also, I look to see "why" the candidate is really interested in Lenovo/position, I want to make sure we are hiring candidates that are dedicated and want to grow at Lenovo. I also look for candidates that are engaging in conversation (asking questions/curious). 


  • Remember that you will be part of a team, and just your individual skills and accomplishments may not be enough to get the job you want.  Companies  are also looking for both Leaders, and Team Players.   So be sure to show both of those skills.  Being friendly and helpful during the interview can go a long way.

  • It's always so different for every job.

  • Seems like recruiters are looking for more and more specific traits these days

  • Great advice!

  • This is such incredible info. Thank you

  • It might help to have professionals, like the ones in the article, run through some faux interviews with graduating classes so the candidates would actually know how to research and answer

  • Excellent General Advice that can apply to interviews for all kinds of jobs!

  • Great points, but also a bit generic. I suppose it's hard to give specifics without getting into role, company, etc.