Burnout and stress are common challenges that everyone deals with at some point in their lives and esports players aren’t exempt from feeling these same stressors. How to handle negative feedback? How to handle the stress of becoming a leader? These are common causes of stress and burnout in the esports world for students. Jeff Palumbo talks through resources to handle mental health around esports. 

Have a question about esports for Jeff? Share it in the comments below. How do you deal with stress and burnout? 

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  • Take burnout seriously. 

  • Who would have thought that Playing games on a computer would be stressful?   I normally play to reduce stress.  LOL

  • Finding work/gaming life balance is very important.  This applies to everything, not just esports, it just comes with a different set of challenges.

  • Great framed advice.

  • THX, keep on keeping!