This episode is from a question from our EDU Community and the answer is definitely yes! Like any career, a career in esports can look like several different paths. Can you be a professional esports player? Maybe. You have the same chances as someone trying to play professional sports. Can you find a fulfilling career involved in esports? Like professional sports, there are the players and comparatively a much larger group of people who are support staff. It’s the same with esports. Production crews, logistics, accounting and finance, marketing are just a few career fields in esports, and the number is growing every year. You can be an esports professional without being an esports player.  

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  • My question will be how old will the career run?

  • There is a part of me that thinks that the military will have drone pilot and AI expert training that will require same skills as E-Sports, but for a real purpose; not just a game.   So, e-sports might be good training for a military career, and vice versa?

  • That sounds great

  • It's always a good idea to "cover your bets", and not just focus on a single skill or career.  In today's world it's best to obtain all kinds of knowledge and skills while in school, and later while working,  Expect that someone graduating from school today, may make as many as 5 "career changes" as tech like AI changes what jobs and sports are needed.   Always have a back-up plan for a next potential career.

  • If not yet, it will eventually.