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Here are top responses from our discussion question: Can you really get a tech job without a four-year degree?

From LenovoEDU member Arjuna:

It is most certainly possible but like all things it will come with its own challenges. Namely, if you are to go it without a degree that is going to depend even more so on both having the skill readily demonstrable and having a good network; because, I mean: without a degree it has been my direct experience that people will want more active demonstrations of your ability than you may otherwise have to and you will also have to network or else you may not even be considered. Another thing being that if a candidate has a degree and the same skills as the person who learned those skills on their own but does not have a degree: logically they should be given equal weight but that is not the case; unfortunately, the degree is going to be the edge needed in most cases.

I say this as someone who both despises traditional education styles and yet is also a 17 year old sophomore in college who likely will end up with a bachelor's - based off of the amount of credits I have underfoot already - within the next two years. Specifically in mathematics but with large overlap into infosec as I also intend on going for my OSCP through Offensive Security.

I intend on becoming an ethical hacker and towards that end I am going to both learn and demonstrate what I can of my abilities as much as possible in order to create as much of an edge as possible while having the dual benefit of constantly getting better at what I want to do.

At least that is where my perspective is coming from.


From LenovoEDU member Mark K:

Absolutely you can! I'm living proof. Over 4 decades being in the technology industry (1976) and taking in knowledge of technology on a daily bases, seminars, (Back then, mail in technical classes). All the certifications I could find both mail in, and now online! Volunteering to assist in small to large projects,  just to learn.

I've had several companies in technology, I have buried myself in Broadband RF, WiFi, Telecom, Satellite,  microwave, structured cabling,  CCTV, MATV, SMATV, security.

Yes, my businesses only did well for a 10 years or so at a time.

The one thing I did not spend anytime on was business classes and I hate Office Administration. 

My advice for those that hate "Core Classes" and want to pursuit technology? At least take some business classes.

I'm 60 now actively pursuing my Project Management Cert. CCNA and others for the fun of it and enjoying DeVry University for sure.

But then again, my career will end with a BANG because my Boss is Elon Musk. Yes, I succeeded and all those supposed "fails"? We successfully built stepping stones! So, believe!


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