Ask a Recruiter is an ongoing series that covers topics both large and small facing students who are looking for their first job or internship. The process of finding job or internship can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs. This article focuses on how to deal with disappointment in your job search.

This series is written by Rachel Graham, a University and Diversity Recruiter at Lenovo who specializes in North America opportunities.

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You didn't get into your dream school or secure your dream internship at a Fortune 500 company. Now what?

Honestly, that is okay, just keep going! The reality of it can be heartbreaking, but that is also not the end of the road. A degree, whether it is an Associates degree or a Ph.D., from a top university or small local school, is still a degree. Education will never look bad on a resume.

The same can be said with an internship or job. Even if it isn't at your top choice for a company, any experience is good experience. Every work environment and relationship with a coworker or manager is going to teach you something new.

As long as you keep going, continuing to pursue your education, or interviewing for that next job, that is what matters. You can only control your actions, so make them count!

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Rachel graduated from University of North Carolina – Wilmington in May 2019 and began her career at Lenovo soon after. She is a Raleigh, North Carolina native who spends her free time fostering kittens, doing home DIYs and enjoying time with friends and family.

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