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Are you considering applying for an internship? Internships can be an important steppingstone in your early career to future success. KnwoledgeHut has highlighted five career benefits of having an internship.  


1. Teaches time management 

In a hectic workplace, you must juggle a variety of activities at once as an intern. You must manage your time effectively to complete all the scheduled chores because people will look to you for results. You will finally master the skill of time management and task prioritization after a few minor setbacks.  

2. Expose you to real-life experience 

A glimpse into the setting you hope to work in one day is provided via internships. You gain practical knowledge of how things operate in an office setting as an intern for a corporation. When you start full-time employment, you also acquire a better understanding of the job role you want to choose.  

3. Encourage networking 

You go to workplace events and meetings while you're an intern. This will greatly increase your exposure to the industry. You'll network with experts in diverse fields and meet new people. Who knows, maybe at a workplace event, you'll run into your future boss.  

4. Acts as a career foundation 

An internship can serve as a stepping stone for you if you carefully select one in the field where you want to pursue a career. You have the opportunity to work with a business that can show you the ropes of the industry. If you pass their tests, you might even become a full-time job for the same company. Companies frequently hire interns as a test for future employees.  

5. Builds up your Resume 

While certificates and degrees look fantastic on a CV, an internship looks much better. Everyone in the modern world has some level of education. An internship can help you stand out in this situation. You'll have a better chance of landing a job by demonstrating your work experience to a potential employer. 

What do you think about internships? Share your thoughts in the comments.  

  • I used to go for internship in a big company when I was a student. I went for 3 months but it seems nobody had the time for me. I really felt bad at the time. Luckily, later I made it to work to a big corporate. I was lucky and maybe even good. After 2-3 years the company used some summer program to bring students for internship. I really liked working with them , learning something new , and having a lot of questions. Some of them got also a contract from the company. I would like all to pay a little more attention to these kids. You will both learn something.

  • Internship in a big company can open many doors for your full-time job later on

  • Internships are great.  But they should be paid and not a burden on college students.  Many colleges charge full class fees when students have internships.

  • Internships are great. Many, if not all, ought be paid positions however. There a value in taking internships with community groups, non-profit agencies, and the like to engage with local needs that every community has.

  • An Internship, or even a visit for a work day, at a potential future worksite can be invaluable; Especially when you don't know anyone in that field.