How much do esports players practice? What does a schedule look like for players at the professional, college and high school levels?
Jeff Palumbo has the answer in the latest episode of Everything Esports. 

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  • There are a ton of factors in how much practice a student/child/person should have. If they are good enough to try and grab a $1M prize pool, you are also at the point where a professional coach is helping, and setting up proper and safe infrastructure. The days of just sitting at a PC and cranking away game time is over. Now teams have workout schedules, nutrition plans, sleep times, etc. You'll find all of the best teams have something like that, so the days of your stereotypical gamer (at least for those wanting to be super competitive) are almost over.

  • Everything requires practice to perfect! 

  • Practice makes perfect.

  • Some interesting information. You'd never realize what goes into e sports

  • Any pursuit requires constant practice and learning for excellence.