You learned the basics about esports and potential careers for today’s students in the last episode (watch here!). Now Jeff Palumbo is answering your questions about how to get involved in esports at the school level and what it takes for a high school or a college to get started with an esports program.

Jeff Palumbo is Global Sr. Product Manager for Esports and CTE at Lenovo. In his daily work, he’s constantly fielding questions from students, parents, and educators about how to get involved with esports.

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  • Well, 90% of the students that are part of an esports program AREN'T competitive. There are lots of careers that overlap into esports that they may want to pursue: broadcasting, event planning, production, social media, international business, etc. And, even though they may be introduced to one of those careers while in their esports program, it doesn't mean they have to stay in esports. Lots and lots of opportunity out there for sure.

  • I agree and disagree. I agree about leveraging curriculum (as it develops) to lead a student to find something they enjoy outside of playing a videogame, 100%. So many careers are out there that students just aren't aware of. Where I disagree is just having a program has a lot of bonuses, like health and wellness, the ability to make friends, learning how to interact and speaking with others face to face, etc. Yes, there are some soft skills in there that can still be considered learning, but how many people learn, act, and live better, just knowing they have a group of like minded people to hang out with, where they didn't before. General mental health is a valid concern, especially for teens, and a properly run esports program is a great way to help with that.

  • 100%. I've heard through the grapevine that every major network is looking into esports.

  • Last I checked, $73K a year but the reports vary. But please note, there are far more careers outside of being a competitor in esports, like mine!

  • 100%. An LLC at the very least.