Impostor syndrome is a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. Many people around the world, regardless of age, deal with impostor syndrome at some point in their life. Two of our LenovoEDU experts weigh in on how to master impostor syndrome.


Derron Payne “Art of the Pivot”

Derron Payne is an entrepreneur, mentor, and the author of “Art of the Pivot”

Imposter Syndrome is very real and it exists everywhere. Everyone who we view as successful has at some point experienced it. When doing new things for the first time it will always be a bit uncomfortable, sometimes it will be so uncomfortable that you may contemplate whether it’s worth it or not. Do not let these feelings deter you from taking action, embrace these moments. Every uncomfortable moment I have experienced since pivoting has been worth it and now I look forward to them. Stepping into the honors office led to many positive things in my life, such as a study abroad experience that summer and eventually an acceptance letter from Georgetown University.

Learn to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!


Ask a Recruiter

Our Ask a Recruiter series covered impostor syndrome and how students can work through it.

What is imposter syndrome and why is it important to address during recruitment season?

Imposter syndrome can be defined as doubting your abilities, skills, background, etc. by comparing yourself to others. Many students I speak to surround themselves with successful people, which is great! But can also make them doubt themselves by thinking they're not as great as those around them.

This comes into play during recruitment season, because students and job seekers sometimes decide against applying for a role because they believe there's no way they will get it. Ultimately making it so there is no way they can get it by not applying.

My advice to anyone who is looking for a new job is to APPLY! Put in your application and go for your dream job. Be your own biggest cheerleader and get your resume submitted for the role! You truly never know what can happen if you give yourself a chance.


Have you ever dealt with impostor syndrome? How have you worked through it? Share in the comments.