Meet Jason, Lenovo's Head of Virtual Reality!

I sat down with Jason on a recent livestream to talk about his background with gaming/VR, trends happening in the AR/VR/MR space, plus tons of thoughts on generative AI and more.

Check out the interview above!

Have a question for Jason I didn't cover? Leave it in the comments below, and I'll make sure he sees it Slight smile


  • Thank you for sharing.

  • This was a great interview!

  • Thanks for this great interview - I appreciate learning from those that work in the field of VR/AR/MR

  • Good interview,  thank you!

  • Great information! We all should be learning more about VR.

  • I agree with you and think thay we will start to see more of these technologies being used in time

  • Good interview and thanks for the insights Jason

  • Such a delightful event. Thank you guys. We really appreciate your hardwork.

  • Sounds like it's coming....soon maybe?

  • Thanks for sharing! I really like where VR is headed. Great discussion, Jason!