Navigating the competitive esports community. School administrators often ask Jeff Palumbo about how to get started and which competitive leagues to join.

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  • How to keep E-Sports and Gaming in general from interfering with Basic Education?

  • More of those are being built BUT due to COPPA laws in the US specifically, a lot of students can't share their information. But, there are programs being designed that will allow certain information to be shared for recruiting and things like that.

  • Well, that is where parents come in. I have a balance of screen time and other activities when he's not in school. On days where he's practicing with his team or getting ready for a match-up, I let him play a bit more to "loosen up" but days where he doesn't have that, normally screen time far less. Plus, he's normally in an outdoor sport or event anyway, so we sometimes have to make time for esports, just so he does get enough practice and doesn't let his team down.

    It's a balance act for sure.

  • Interesting...

  • Community is great but oftentimes a bit hard to find a the local school level. If there's an online ladder you can climb to get your name out there, that's usually a good way to become known.